Sunday, January 30, 2011

Since You're Not Online videos from Rae


From Skins UK, 2nd generation

Saturday, January 29, 2011


  • Woke me up to pick her up from school.
  • Stained my sheets just as Mikal had. Also stained my new white comforter.
  • Bitched about bread sticks for fucking days until she had some.
  • Keeps my Mountain Dew in her pants for her ass hole.
  • Is a bop.

Reasons to love/hate Mikal

Hate #1: She stained my sheets. She said it was just a drop, but then she smeared it. Which no longer makes it...just a dot. Nice. Nice one Mikal.

Hate #2: She drooled all over my pillows. Everywhere. Drool. Everywhere. Nice. Nice one.

Hate #3: She literally just SLEPT!!!!!! FOR WEEKS!!!

Hate #4: While we were both sleeping that night, we were in our normal spooning positions (me being the big spoon, her the little spoon), and she started dreaming her wild dreams that she always has, and she started writing on my belly. With her finger! I don't know what she was dreaming about... but... that one really woke me... then made me roll my eyes and shake my head. Who the f.. on my belly? God damn you.

Love #1: Great thing she's cute while she's awake or asleep. More while awake than asleep. She gets wild when asleep...

Love #2: Great thing she says ridiculous shit that makes me drool with laughter. Makes up for her drools.

Love #3: When she gets lotsa sleep, she's in a great mood. So her mood was hella GOOOOOOOOOOOD

Love #4: Whatever she wrote on my belly, I'm sure it was something endearing. She was very cuddly as always. And great thing she has flawless skin. Would you rather sleep next to someone with normal skin... or would you rather sleep next to someone with heavenly skin? Yeah, that's right. Mikal!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello $215

Meet my new little goal. RayBan, aviator. $215? Yes. Beautiful.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Night with MakDrey

In search of a new laptop, I called Mikal to ask if she'd like to accompany me to Frys. Andrey joined us so everything was dandy.

While Mikal played the plant zombie game on the Ipad, Nickatina just laid himself on the ground...

But then he started singing along to the classical opera man voice...

But then they took pictures...

Photos via camera phone

And well, we fed ourselves, and they kept asking where Rae is but they always ask where Rae is like we're supposed to be attached at the hip. I love these two, I love these two, I love these two. I like the comfort of being able to hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend. And I love Andrey so much! I am the third person in their relationship they said. I said we can be a triad! I think I'm rooting for them to stay together more than they're rooting for themselves to stay together. Even with all their fights and arguments... Well, I can't help it. I think they're terrific /: He's my favorite Mikal's boyfriend !!!!!!!

Warped 2010

Photo via camera phone
I have a similar picture like this from BFD 2009, except instead of Tay's leg right there, it was Dean's! Oh Shoreline, thanks for all the summers!

Dad's famous pose

Cheb and Ange here

Photo via camera phone
Hay Chebz.

Some Raemons

A month ago.

Some weeks ago.

Photos via camera phone


Photo via camera phone

2 months ago maybe? Rae and I saw this squirrel, dead outside my house. We walked up to it for a close up. Actually, I did, because I'm ballsy. And he insisted that I stayed back because he was grossed out and lame. Some remains of that squirrel can still be somewhat recognized till today.

Jordan's birthday

These are two pictures I have from Jordan's birthday. I did not bring my camera, here are more phone pictures.

I made him this cake, pink frosting, that image you see is of a unicorn but I obviously can't draw very well with frosting.

Photos via camera phone

Blurry Jordan, faggot Jordan. I do love Jordan!

Petit Cafe

Picture via camera phone

Rae and I having a lunch date at one of my favorite places. He finally let me pay for our date today! FINALLY!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Be Continued... - Set Your Goals

I have not been carrying my camera since my lens broke...

Picture via camera phone

This is Mikal and I driving to our speech class, listening to songs that we always sing along to, talking about how good the weather feels. Mikal is my best friend. She is my best friend. I now spend the majority of my time with her. We have half of our classes together and we didn't even really plan to! God I love Mikal. Lately, I have been thinking about how good we are doing. We no longer fight like we used to, the crazy way we did. We officially have a healthy relationship ! Finally, right? I'm glad we have the best days of our lives back together.

9:45 - 9:45 today

It is...only Tuesday. It is. Only. Tuesday.

On the upside, I think I really like my speech class. My instructor seems like she knows exactly what she's doing and she has personality to go along with it. Class was enjoyable today and I am anticipating what this class has to offer.

Fortunately, tomorrow I don't have class until 11:30! Perfect time. Although every day I wake up at 7, effortlessly. We all know I love effortlessly waking up early!

No Strings Attached

No strings attached.

4 hour break; Barely Legal; Soma; Someday

After my first two classes, I had lunch with Rae at Petit Cafe where we ate 3 delicious crepes. I love that place...

He left immediately because he had to go back to class, so silly me, I headed for Mikal's. What are the odds that she is not home!? I barged in anyway and did not know whether people were actually home or not. I sat down on the couch, then closed my eyes. The living was so silent, the most silent I'd ever heard it during the day. So I began dozing off. A few minutes later, I opened my eyes to Dan asking where his daughter is. SHIT DAN IONO.

All day I have been driving with The Strokes on. From morning to now till probably later when I drive back to school.

"I love kissing you in this weather..." Mmmmm Raemon.

This is the best weather in the world. It makes me feel the fuzziest because it isn't quite summer, but it's warm in the most enjoyable way and the wind blows and the leaves travel and I can never help but sing to The Strokes over and over again. Just like last Sunday.
Rae: "One time you bent over,,, and I saw your vag..."


Monday, January 24, 2011

Guess who bought...

Two more douchebaggy sunglasses!?!?! MEMEMEMEME. Meet my growing collection (those that survived through summer)

My favorite, my favorite favorite, the one I brought to Disneyland and wore for Warped tour... well, it is lost at the Scorca residence. And I don't think I am ever going to get it back. And I cry at the thought of it. And the sunglasses at the top right, yeah, Ace broke that. It doesn't look broken right now, but oh it is. Bop. Pfft. The middle bad boy was from Rae. And I can't believe I am going in detail about sunglasses. Uhm, okie.

Photo taken with my temporary lens. A lamer lens. My broken, broken heart.

You have no idea...

...just how much I love you, do you? Always. If anything has ever consumed me, it was my love for you. Always.





First day of class; Spring 2011

HELLO! I have 8 minutes before my show starts, and I just got home. This is enough time to blog about my day.

Today was my first day of class this semester! I was so happy that I effortlessly woke up at 7am. I had so much time that I just laid in bed thinking, drinking ice tea and waiting for Rae to wake too. 11:30 and I was out the door for my math class. It felt nice driving to school again, by myself. I was 30 minutes early, so I just sat outside my class and relaxed. Luckily, Brandon and I are in the same class! I love Bulat, we always have fun in out math classes. As we stood by our class, I turned around and saw Mikal just walking. It was strange because... I was so used to just being with her. So seeing her by chance was so...EXCITING!

My photo class, oh my I love my photo class. I love the anticipation and the promise it brings me. I can't wait to do our projects and actually learn a thing or two about photography. The thing is, when I wanted my camera, it was never because I was interested in photography. Almost not at all. I really just wanted to capture memories with an awesome camera. But since I've had Nietzsche, I've acquired actual interest in photography. And so, here I am! Enjoying it. Now I have a reason to be with Nietzsche !

Unnnffff. Maybe I'll continue with my day later.... I'd just been washed over a wave of fatigue.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

"I see that you've come to resist me..."

There was a reason for all this. These were not concerns. These were temperaments and denial. These words were not derived from what we had at hand. Was this is? This was never it. And you felt the grind because you denied me every time. As I've always been, I've always seen the light for us. I taint, don't I? But I've always seen the reasons. And I can't be wrong because there's nothing else but us. It won't vanish, but it'll fade. We are just a faint sound, but you can hear us in the silence.

I know you can.

This beautiful sunny day...

(Outfit of the day; a pair of boxers and a tank top and AE flipflops)

Considering that I did not sleep until 7am, I woke up at 1something, and with out changing or doing anything other than wash my face and brush my teeth, I ran out to my car and squinted at the bright afternoon. The sun excited me to go out and have fun. I drove to Mikal's where all the kids were at anyway.

I went in and out of the house, grabbing Mountain Dews from my car and every time I stepped out, I kept screaming outside how beautiful the day was. And I didn't even that the neighbors might think I'm obnoxious and loud. I was just so happy and free! Summer was running up and down my veins and the sun was dancing in my head!

Mikal dyed Jenny's hair. We all watched them; Jarrad, Teej, Alex, and I. Jarrad, Mikal, Vag, and I ran errands, then we went to Super Taco where my taste buds felt reminiscent all of a sudden. The place that had me fall in love with quessadillas. YUM.

I listened to The Strokes and we all listened to Taking Back Sunday. In fact, my sister is playing their entire discography right now. That's how summery we feel.

I love feeling summer when it's not even here yet. This days makes me look forward to spring. Excited? Excited.

First day of classes tomorrow. Excited? Excited.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

That time I went to Reno

Big lips, red lips, lotsa lips.


A good night

A backwards sequence.

It was triple date night, but TayWilliams couldn't make it... so it was a double instead with Teej and JDao! We watched No Strings Attached at the Drive-In, FUNNNNN hnnnggg. And they introduced me to hookah for the first time. And we destroyed JDao's carpet that day. And now we have to buy a new carpet before her mom gets home from LA. The price to pay for a good night is $250, $50 each for a new rug... Worth it!

The end of the night.

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)