Saturday, June 11, 2016

Maternity shorts

Her baby fever so bad she spent her day chillin in maternity shorts in Vegas.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Babbyabba vs Babyabba

This game is both strengthening and weakening our relationship.

"You thought you had a friend."

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

get bent

I have 4,097 published entries, and this is my 4,098th.

It's precisely 0159 but who gives a shit what time it is? By the time I typed the question mark, it was already 2 anyway. Fuck it, I'm just filling space because strangely enough, I feel quite nervous. I just feel strange. Nah, I just feel like a stranger. Like this blog doesn't have a voice because no one's ever talking anymore. I'd say I'm busy, but I'm not. Shit is just shit. and I've got other shit with nothing to say. Spending a near hour on Facebook probably didn't help my state of being here. That made me feel even stranger. Like it had pictures of this person, and these people, but I couldn't recognize them all too well. Facebook and Blogspot are my old media. My older platforms, which I do try to give my attention whenever I open the apps, but it's never quite as successful as when I'm on a laptop (which I'm on now, hence how I'd gotten myself to even begin an entry to publish at all). 

...So this is where I used to babble. This is where I used to vent and share all my romanticized mundane activities. Or my melodramatic, over-exaggerated mush of sentiments. I'm not hating on my former self or anything. But I just feel like I'm hanging out with old friends that I no longer have anything in common with. So I'm nostalgic but I'm also uncomfortable that I don't know what to fucking say to these people. Maybe I'm being too big to even use "former self" as a reference. And maybe I'm fucking corny for documenting how much I'm over-thinking writing a simple entry (that no one is forcing me to do, btw [I just constantly seem like in protest]).  

...So this is where I laid down my bullshit. (Lemme reminisce right quick). This is where I used to type paragraphs of how much I love my current boyfriends. Or how torn up I was about my unrequited loves. It's funny because I don't think I'd ever felt all the realest and rawest emotions that I used to write about then...until this very moment in my life. Until I found the right person for me. And now that I have this love, it doesn't seem worth it to even brag about. In retrospect, I guess it was always like I was trying to prove to the world that my love were real. Or trying to convince myself that my love were real. Even now, my thoughts are being consumed so damn much that I can't get myself to finish. Not that I ever had an objective when I began to compose anyway. 

...So this is where I drop this and dip. Like old friends with nothing in common. Like I've said my hello's and we've asked the how are you's and nothing's more to that. 

To Kit, to Anna, and to my unending unsteadiness. 

Get. Bent. 

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)