Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Question

YES, I'm posting it again.

"Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it's the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who's standing next to you?"


Well? Who's standing next to you?


Dinner night.

Grocery shopping with my two favorites.

Unfortunately, I have no photos DURING the dinner. I don't remember why.
But leaving Fox's house, it was so pretty outside. Red and dark, my favorite.

Hi Snow's car.

One attempt of taking car pictures. Did I succeed? YES. Because you can see me perfectly. Just kidding, I completely failed. But I look happy...?


When we arrived home... Ace, RV, and I got really hungry. So for midnight, we decided to be chefs.


This is our best and latest creation. Rice, eggs, soysauce, and fried ramen noodles.

This is before Ace dumped ramen in with the eggs.

Ingenious angle she said. It looks like a kind of sad, kind of warm Thanksgiving dinner..of the poor.

We had to take these armpit pictures....

Because rehtard Ace got upset because of THIS picture and her armpit exposure in it T-T

And these pictures... Basically, it displays my level of lameness because of the stupid laptop. AT LEAST I CAN LAUGH AT MYSELF!!

"Oh it's ok you guys, yeah, I'll just look.."

"Yeah..that's nice.."

Public Enemies for a late night movie? I love Ace sleepovers.

Wednesday Night

Ian, he took me out to watch Avatar 3D, and some Ihop. The plan began with a triple date between sister and her boy, and Fox and this boy. Then it turned into Ian and I, sister and her boy, and mom and dad. Then ma and pa found out that she had a boyfriend. They got upset. To sum it up, Ian and I just went on a date. And it was lovely.

Swedish Crepes, I eat you for midnight snack.

I wouldn't taste what he ordered because it had plants and onions. So he kept picking them out...

To die by your side...

Is such a heavenly way to die.


Excluding the drunken calls that I'm relentlessly receiving from Leo, the rest of the night has been silent. I tried occupying myself with uploading photos from the past days but I truly am too tired for that. So I think I'll just blog like I used to.
It's silent because clearly at this hour, the house would be asleep. Every time I stay awake passed 2, I feel younger again. Like I'm 4 years younger again. Especially when it's this silent and my thoughts are this loud.
Except... I would always turn on the music tuned way down. And I would still sing along. And my phone would always buzz and vibrate. And my fingers would fall off texting the people that I never got sick of.
But I've been forgetting about the past. Too hooked on the present and future, and I think I'm better of leaving the past alone anyway. The past depresses me. And it reminds me of things that give me chest pains and then I have trouble breathing.
The future is always more promising. It's easier to be happy when I think about the future. The present kind of puts me on autopilot. It makes me hover on the same spot. But the future, I could put my bets on the future, and it wouldn't let me down. Or at least, it couldn't bring me down.
Do you know what I do the majority of the time when I'm home? I spend the time getting ready. Finding something to wear, or fussing with my hair. I'm in here, and I think about being out there. God... I don't know where this entry has taken me.
But I think it's the safest to say that I am just very confused and very tired. And I don't know how to compose my thoughts into paragraphs. Maybe I'll just call it a night.
I feel like I have so much to say..
But I'm holding back like my fingers are full of secrets.
I keep holding back.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Holmes, Watson, and Adler

Beautiful people on the big screen.

Watson. Jude Law has always been a favorite. So cute.

Holmes. No, Robert Downey will never remind me of Dan. Gross.

Adler. I'd wife her.

'Twas a good movie. The family enjoyed it. Family movie nights are my favorite.

My week is packed. I love this.

Pictures? Not today [:

Thanks Ace

Well, this video just about sums about my whole life. BAM.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Aside from the Dias' surprising me with my brown leather boots from Bakers' and Ian's 500 Days surprise, my favorite Christmas present?

Leo and I had a deal, NO PRESENTS FOR EACH OTHER. I mean, we never give each other presents anyway but... HE BROKE THE PROMISE.

And the way he is, he literally just tossed it at me like it wasn't a big deal. The "Oh here" way. In the car, while driving me home from my two days of being a fugitive.

I texted him last night:

"Honestly I wanted to give you a present to remember after 3 years of friendship. And I wanted you to have it so when I'm gone you can look at it and remember me."

Whatever you fag, I love you.

Why Can't I Stop Listening To This Song All Of A Sudden?

One: We don't like this beezy at the moment. No.

Two: This girl has never left our house with out taking pictures of herself either on my phone, RV's phone, the camera, or our webcam.

Three: We tried getting a good picture. But the sun was not our friend. Made my eyes super brown.

Four: Dark blue and dark red, new favorite color combo. Actually, I never have a favorite color combo, but I really liked this today.

Five: We sat next to that loud vent thing and it was so hot. Look at her, she loves me so. Doesn't she look like someone who loves me so? YES. We sang Taking Back Sunday songs loud enough that when I turned around, I saw the food court has been emptied out. Personally, I thought we sounded amazing.

Six: If I'm just bad news, then you're a liar.

It's the 27th of December

It's been a while, don't you think? When I'm happy, there's no point in venting happy feelings on a blog. It just doesn't work like that.

Christmas passed like any other day. Maybe more extraordinary than any other day, but not too much. Christmas has always been like this. Nothing special.

But you don't want to hear about any of that. Because I don't want to hear about any of that.

But you see that sad puppy on the right? God I miss him. Cousin Brandon decided to hog him for Christmas.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

And to Sum Up Christmas

I laid in bed, wandering around my room, and the new view. And I was thinking, I still haven't set up Aiza's birthday present for me. I've never even assembled it to get a peak. But last night I did, and I saw how amazing it looked. And my heart ached. And I told her I love her. And then I fell asleep.

My Christmas ended falling asleep, looking at this closet door. Best Christmas in a long time.

While Watching District 9

Interrupting as the whole family watched the movie...

I love this...


The movie gave me a headache. The way the prawns talked. But the end was sad...and cute.

In Attempt to Watch Sherlock Holmes

Actually, we're retards because the theaters were packed, all of them. So we resorted to Jack and District 9.

Merry Christmas RV

Merry Christmas Jude

Merry Christmas Blithe

Merry Christmas Mama

Merry Christmas Lola

Merry Christmas Papa

Merry Christmas all.

Oh Tam knows this one. I ALWAYS get a supreme croissant

Hate curly fries. But I ate them anyway...

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)