Friday, December 31, 2010

Fresh Fresh Fresh

I'll start fresh again.

Our living room just earned itself new couches. New recliner couches. I slept there last night, just to test out its wonders. New, but I think I'll love it. Rae and I spent until 4am watching trash TV on my couch. Yes I'm excited for Jersey Shore. Yes I will watch Skins. Yes I'm excited for Pretty Little Liars. TRASH TV IS MY GUILTY PLEASURE OK.

I received my post card from JDao today. It was...very specific. So when my dad read it... well, I don't know. Maybe it's a good thing she didn't sign her name? Hmmmm. I should have gone to Twain Harte with Mikal. I actually really miss her. A LOT... and I won't even get to have her for New Years.

The house is cooking, and I need a shower. Because I am starting fresh again. I forget that when I publicize things and let people in, I receive concerns. But what else is my blog for if I'm not going to share things anymore? I guess I just don't share like I used to.

Maybe I'll go on another hiatus!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I'm wearing my furry hat from Ace, sitting here, waiting. And tonight has just led me to sadness. I'm literally pouting. I wish I wasn't, but sometimes I have to take my pride down and let myself be sad. At least I know Tay would be happy that I'm admitting I'm sad with out covering it up with some layer of anger. I'm also listening to The Honorary Title, and I haven't in so long. I feel my younger emotions ascending and taking me apart. Just as Tegan and Sara would do for me, I'm listening to songs that feel like they were written for me to hear at this very moment of my life. Like it's so relevant and so significant. I'll be fine. I always will be. Just let me be sad for a few more minutes.

I hate this, but this one is about you. Only you.

I'd like to continue defending myself because everything I read just ends up hurting me when I know that I'm not this awful person that I am now perceived to be. I'll try and make this my second and my last response.

There is nothing I will say to try to change anyone's mind for arguments sakes. Because... we're not even in each others lives anymore. This is just another excuse to keep us and whatever is left of us. We always do this. I've made my decisions and I stand by it all. But I promise you, I did not shut you out. And at the end of my days, I find myself wanting so badly for us to just understand each other. Because once again, I would fight for our friendship like I have been for years and years, even if I wasn't always so graceful about it. And as much as it hurts my pride to say this, I would do anything to make you change your mind about me. I never cared about anyone who talked about me. No one. Because I know who I am, and despite the things that I have done and things that people have said about me, you were always the person who saw the best in me. Always. That's why every single time you'd come back to me, it was the happiest times of my life. I don't even care that these blogs are all we have now. I don't even care that we are arguing about something that we both claim to have let go of. I guess to admit, I can't let go of this. Not yet. Not now. Not until I decide that I don't care about you anymore. Because... how am I ever going to erase the fact that you were the only person I ever really loved. It kills me. It's been 5 years... and though we have tainted our friendship in so many ways, so many times, I cannot help but forgive it all. Everything. No matter what happened, I will always forgive it. Maybe you'll never change your mind about me. Maybe you'll never see the person you always saw me to be... but maybe this is it. Maybe this is our way out. Maybe this is what we were always looking for when we both knew we should not be together. Do you remember how many goodbyes we sputtered? How many painfully long silences we shared , hoping these aches would just let us be? How many times we wanted to stop caring... or pretend to stop caring? We've fought for so long... and we always just ended up further hurting each other. Maybe you won't ever forgive me for the things that have happened... But maybe it's better off this way anyway. Because if you forgive it, only time will tell us how fast we'll come back to each other. But if we hold on to this one, just this one, maybe it'll be enough to just stay apart. Our worlds never could handle us together at the same time anyway. But then again... this could just be another story to add on to the rest of our stories. What if we get passed this one too? We've gotten passed four years worth of shit, absolute shit. But also four years of the best things I'll remember when I'm old. Four years of lessons. Four years of being as beautiful as humanly possible. Four years of searing tears. And four years of the happiness we always wanted. Are we ever going to be ready for that again?

I don't know where to stand Aiza. We're one step away from letting this go, and moving completely on with our lives. Clean cut. But I could be one step away from trying to find you and fixing every single thing I need to fix for the sake of you. I'm too tired and I'm too sorry to try and figure this out anymore. I don't even have enough in me to be angry, or resent. I... I don't know anymore.

I love you, and I miss you. What else is there to say?
Far More - The Honorary Title.


Bad ass, edgey, and gorgeous. Oh Makayla...

The top will stop spinning

He asked, "What would you do if you just...woke up right now?" I knew what he meant. What would I do if everything we are is just...a dream.

I said to him, if we were dreaming, I lamely but truthfully said that I never wanted to wake up. He said, "But you'd be dead..."

"If I'm dead, then this must be heaven. Or paradise. Or what ever I believe in," I said.

Certainty led me here.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Almost every single day of the week, in the midst of any conversation with Raemon, face to face, on the phone, text, chat, maybe even letters, I have incorporated quotes from 500 Days of Summer irrelevantly. And like usual, I would laugh to myself, maybe even make a comment as to how amused it made me, then he'd make some other irrelevant clever comment, and we'd move on.

But now, my life is complete. He quoted it, just as I would. My complete. Jesus H. Christ I am happy.

This one is definitely for you. So read it.

Today, I decided to take a rest day. I lazed around, downloading music, surrounded myself with it, and relaxed just as I wanted to.

It's 8 something pm and I was informed that you wrote about me again. Mind you, I no longer keep myself updated with your life because, I never saw a reason to anymore. We're done, isn't that what you said? But this time, I was curious. And so I gave your blog my attention. To my partial surprise, it was written directly to me. Not even him or us. ME. Now the disclaimer eased me at first. You didn't want to be bitter. Yes? But who exactly did you want to read something that was clearly for me?

I never had my closure with you. I would've. But I didn't have my chance. All the times I wanted to meet with you just to clear things out... God I kind of feel pathetic when I think about it now. I cared so much about you. But you cut me off before I even had the chance. Just like you, I guess I'll publicize.

Let's get this straight first. You...the two of you. You shut US out. And we lied, yes. ONCE. We remember clearly because it was the only lie we lived with. We lied about being together after Sofia's birthday. What ever other lies you know of, you fed yourselves. Or, you just need your stories straight. From the very beginning he was told it was best not to speak to me. He didn't listen, and I didn't resist him. As far as we're concerned, you two are the only ones writhing in your bitterness about us. You kept referring to him as the friend you lost. The friend who walked away. Like he died. And that's the part that pissed me off the most. Because it didn't matter to me what you thought of me. But him? He had no intentions of not being in your lives anymore. He was the only one out of all of us who was willing to make things work. To make it so that he can have both worlds. But you shut him out. You made him feel like he's been so wrong and so awful, when really, he was just trying for everyone. I remember one day after all has settled. He said to me that everything was fine now. He didn't want to be friends with people that couldn't over look something like that anyway. People that couldn't understand his decisions. People that wouldn't stand by his side. And as sad as it made me for him to give up, I was proud of him for realizing that he didn't deserve that.

And yes, I was absolutely going to fight for him anyway. You know, I never understand how you two couldn't empathize with us. Couldn't understand where we were coming from. I mean, let's just think back in the beginning of YOUR relationship. Do YOU remember keeping him a secret? Do you remember the people that resented the fact that you two were together? Do you remember sticking together, caring about no one else' opinions and fighting for each other just because you knew that it was worth it? You didn't let anyone get in between what you two knew you had. So where exactly... I would love to know. Where exactly did you two come up with resenting us?

You're right. We would have come beautifully, and we did. But the struggles that we faced only came from you. No one else slapped US in our faces than your words of resentment. It's funny 'cause... I remember I was the one who resented your relationship with your boyfriend. When I'd resented him so much I couldn't bare it. But that was then. That was when you were the most important person in my life. And you knew that. Oh and, if he claims I never apologized to him, maybe you should ask again. Refer to one summer a few years ago while you were away in San Diego and I mustered up all the balls I had to apologize and make peace with your boyfriend. With the person who I knew was the most important person in your life. I apologized for resenting him, and I tried to make my peace. So the claim that I never apologized, please, eat it.

Just remember, you never gave us a chance. Not once. If you think we hurt you so much...because we fought for each other, then think of how much you hurt us...for letting us go, and shutting us out, and making us feel like we're some sick pair...just because you didn't approve. God, to think that I loved you so much. And to think that Raemon wanted so much to hold on to you two. Maybe one day, you two will find in you to actually and personally clear things up with us. Because as much as you think you've passed it, you haven't. Can you even think of anything else I said about it aside from the fact that I was fighting for him? Can you recall any other words I said to you, or even indirectly on my blog about everything that happened? No. But you hovered over us. And just like the very beginning until now, all Rae and I want is to clear it up and make sincere peace with you. But... as your wishes demanded, we're still holding on to your words of goodbye.

I'm sorry that I lost you as a friend, one of my greatest friends. I love you Aiza, you know that. But I won't apologize for what happened because... I've opened my eyes as wide as they would go. And from someone who has made a lot of mistakes, I have owned up to all of them. I owned up to kissing Josh, to hurting Kriszel and Adrian. I even owned up to hurting Dean even if that was just a relationship that couldn't work out. But this won't be one of them. I didn't do anything wrong. I just embraced the only thing I have ever, ever been absolutely certain about. And that's him. If you think that's wrong, then... what can we do about it?

Maybe one day you two will open your hearts and actually make peace with us. I'm just saying, you'll carry this with you until that day. Unless you truly don't care about us. Which is completely false because... let's be honest. You can't fake it. You care about us. You wouldn't have written that or everything else that you publicized. You wouldn't have bothered telling us your goodbyes and putting an effort to leave us if you really don't care about us.

But for now, Raemon and I are happy. And if ever, maybe one day you'll be happy for us two. Just like we're happy for you two, always. To be honest, I did not mean to end this entry like this considering that I was mildly heated. But, we admire you and Brian. As much as you resent us, we still have the utmost respect for you because you are our living proof. You fought for each other, and now, look at what you have. At the end of the day, the two of us admit to ourselves how amazing you two are. So a word of advice from ME, let it go. Bitterness weighs more than anyone will ever admit. Besides, all of us have more in common now than ever before.

World Spins Madly On

This song featured in several movies and shows. You might have heard it. But it's a really pretty song.

Jeff Buckley

...when music feels so good that it runs up and down my spine.


Raemon Karlo Farin.

This is the guy I've been spending my time with.
Endless dates and good nights.
Giggles when I kiss him.
Loves Semo Sushi.
He likes falling asleep and waking up on the phone with me. Every single night and morning.
He sniffs me like a bloodhound.
Gives me swirlies like a gayguy.
Lets me give him purple bite bruises.
Victorious when every single one of my family smiles at him.
Happiest, most excited brown eyes in the world.
"I don't remember the last time I felt like this."
Made me want to come home from Vegas.

This is the guy I met one September night, and wouldn't stop staring at me. Wouldn't stop waving at me. Approached me like the most confident person in the world, and spent the night giving me his undivided attention. We have only had 3 months together. And I have never, ever spent the most amazing 3 months being completely truthful to myself like I do now. Mark this as a first. For as long as I can remember--as far back as before high school began, this is the first time that I am not trying to convince anyone anything. The first time I'm not trying to convince myself about how I feel. The first time I am being completely and entirely honest about how I feel about someone. This is the first time that there is only one, single person I feel this strongly about. No one else.

This is Raemon. And he makes me squeal like a little girl. Puts the warmest ache in my chest and the most astronomical butterflies in my stomach. He makes me want to share things like this. Gooey, fluffy, fuzzy warm things like this. Eugh. And I don't really care. Because it's time I come out with these anyway. My Blogger has to know about Raemon.

Maybe I lied..

OK so I am still on a blog hiatus.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Is it really Christmas?

I just showered, after an eleven hour drive back from Vegas. My left arm is sore and my right leg is sore. Driving makes me sore. I have too much fast food in my system and my nails are chipping and yellowing. I have to do 30 luggage worth of laundry. My card is empty. My license still hasn't arrived. And I really can't feel Christmas.

BUT, luckily I am an optimist. Vegas was fabulous. I mean really, it was glamorous. I am definitely going to miss walking around the strip, pretending like we've endless money to blow. I am going to miss shopping and stripping my card of its green. I am going to miss the passersby who stare at my grizzly of a furry hat. I am going to miss waking up like we suffer from hangovers every single day. I am going to miss quoting the Hangover while were at Caesar's Palace. I am going to miss listening to our Vegas soundtrack over and over again. I am going to miss the best bathroom contest. I will miss the party inside the H&M in Caesar's Palace. I am going to miss saying Blah Blah Blah Blah Bellagio incessantly. I am even going to miss the mess of our room. But I am very glad I am home now. I missed home.

Tonight is Christmas Eve night and after coming back from Vegas, it does not feel like Christmas at all. I am OK with that because I am feeling good tonight anyway. I cannot wait for tomorrow and the rest of the days. I cannot wait to see EVERYBODY again. I cannot wait to hang out with white people. I cannot wait for New Years. I cannot wait to see JDao again. To hang out with Lells and Ty. To spend more time with my Sof. To have more lunch dates with Sarah. To go to Tahoe with my Dias' family. And of course, I cannot wait to waste time with Raemon again. Oh, and I can't forget. I CANNOT put an emphasis as to how much I am anticipating watching Tron and Black Swan.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ain't no Vegas

I want to come back home for three people. Olivia, Mila, and Raemon. I can't wait.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 2 in Vegas

Day 1 in Vegas


Yes, we are living the full-blown Vegas life. I have not been blogging because when I am on vacation, I stick to the vacation way of life. Although, we document our days and nights and make videos. And so to update, I will share with your our videos !


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vegas, 8 hour drive.

Who's driving? Me. It's always me. I am always driving. Drive everyone everywhere. It's OK. I just need to buy some caffeine. Driving to Vegas at 2 in the morning. If I fall asleep... we are all fucked.

And so Blogger, I will be further MIA. It's OK. I'll bring the lappytoppy. Just for you.

What happens in Vegas...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I don't know why I keep looking at this picture.

Emma Watson and Kaya Scodelario.
Double British-accented HHNNGG.


I'll be back on track again. Soon. Some time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My mom's facebook

And my mom is now Angelina Jolie. She is so influenced. She recently watched The Tourist. So. You know how it is.


If there's anything I try to always keep in mind...

Don't let the drudgery of life turn you into a bitter, resentful person. There is almost never any excuse. Absolutely anything can happen, but with the right perspective, the outcome doesn't have to be the crashing waves of your regrets and resentments. You can blame anyone about the things that happen to you, hold it against them, blame yourself even. But what is your blame but the most futile excuse ...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Converse All Star Light Ox.

I want these ... I do I do.

Ace and Jordan

I always love spending my nights at home with Jordan and Ace.

One thing,

I very much dislike the concept of comparing people. Any two people, any groups of people. It doesn't make any sense to me. As in... what kind of conclusions is one trying to make by comparing subject A to subject B.

For the most part, I have grasped that it is what it is. There are some things that just are with out any analysis or any logic or any further scrutiny.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Rae: You know what I did for you?

Ange: Tell me.

Rae: I added you to my dictionary in Microsoft word. Your name. So it doesn't have squiggly red line under your name.

Ange: ... That is the nicest thing anyone has ever done. I think I'm going to cry.

Rae: Well...

Ange: Well, fuck.

Friday, December 10, 2010

A really good night. Really good.

Really good reason #1: Raemon.

Really good reason #2: Bon Iver Vinyl purchased today.

Good reason #3: Herpin' my derpin' while Rae took shots. I have good collection... but I can't show them to the public..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh Sof (:

"I wanted to let you know... Everytime I go to Nicholas' house and I'm thirsty, he opens the cupboard and let's me pick the cup I get to drink. Then he says " You want Angie's Kotillion cup?" and I say "Yes! That's my girlfriends cup!" I kinda wanna steal it from there, is that totally creepy?"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are in love.

Complete and utter lack of sleep

I hold caffeinated and carbonated drinks responsible for my absolute exhaustion and inability to sleep. Yesterday, I didn't sleep at all before attending my English class. And last night, though I was as exhausted as I could possibly be, I still could not sleep a wink. I thought about taking the sleeping pills that Jamie gave me... but I refused. And so I went another night with out sleep. The last time I slept was at 8 this morning until 2 in the afternoon. And before that, the last time I slept was Saturday night. No more sodas. Or ...I'll try.

You bet your soul that I am a damn good sister

I take complete pride in being the older sister of this creature. I am the best. If I can be proud about anything, it will be this.

Hey Chum

Jordan Brahaney.

"The New" - Interpol

It wasn't me

She saw the marks on my shoulder.

Black and White and Mikal

She is so lovely. I enjoy taking photos of her. Such a lovely face.



This song always gets me pumped and ready. And this video. Hnngg.

One of my oldest friends

I was only a silly 4th grader, wearing my multi-print dress and favorite sandals when I first walked through the halls of Azevada Elementary school. On my first day, I remember being lost. Where was my room? Where was Mr. Scarson's classroom? I approached some random guy, asked him with all the balls I had, and proceeded with the directions he'd given me. And to the farthest corner of the school was a portable. A group of students waited outside the door, and as I approached them, smiles and friendly energies welcomed me. Sarah was the first; big, gleaming eyes and the most comforting Hello of my life. And after her, the rest of the group approached me, said hello, asked me questions, and relentlessly gave me the most sincere smiles. They were the friendliest class. In fact, Azevada was the friendliest school..

To this day, Sarah doesn't forget me. She still gives me calls to have catch-up dates. I hope we keep in touch like this. It's comforting..

Sunday, December 5, 2010


One time, I went on a date with this guy. Just some guy. You know, some guy. And I ended up stealing utensils from the restaurant. Bronco Billy's to be exact. He freaked out, like he always does when my impulse rushes in. But hey, HAKUNA MATATA, I say.


I have been making love with music lately. Lots and lots of love. Always in love with music.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A waste of gas and wasting time

But who ever said that wasting it away should be regrettable?

I spent my Saturday at home. A phone call from my father was the rude awakening of my morning. When the words 'Mom' and 'emergency room' are in the same sentence, there is no way you could wake up any other way. I drove to the hospital with him, picked up my mom. Nobody would tell me what happened, so I remained patient. Luckily, whatever happened was minor, and she stepped out of the hospital looking ill and squinty-eyed, but nothing to worry myself dead over. Alright, I said. I drove her home. She went off to bed, as did I. I knew to stay home then.

My next awakening was of my sister jumping on my bed asking what I would like to eat. It was 2pm by then, and everyone was hungry. I am the driver. I am the designated driver of this family and so White Haired Lady, my sister, and I hopped in the car after I emptied my urine tank, and hunted for food. Mom wanted Chipotle, so we went to Chipotle. The sweet White Haired Lady asked me what Ace wanted to eat. She just knows that Ace would come home soon. But I broke her the news that she had to go to work. And so back in the car, Chipotle off the list, and Panda Express next. Then, we feasted in the comfort of our dining room.

When my father arrived home from work, he told me I had the honorary privilege to be his driver for the night. He had a party to go to. Mom was supposed to be his date, but of course, her illness forbid her the option. Nonetheless, Dad kept insisting that Mom would be in the car to drop him off anyway. He really just wanted her to go. So, I dropped him off with RV in the car. We went back home with Eclipse on Blu-ray. That was our plan of the night. Feast and watch Eclipse. But another rude interruption was my dad asking me to come back and drop off money for him because he hadn't any cash with him. And so, another trek to Newark. But this time, after finishing my drop off duty, RV and I began playing Bon Iver in the car. And that led us to talking about just how lovely and beautiful the album is. And that led me to driving slower into the neighborhoods, and around, just so we can finish listening to the songs. We looked at the bright houses, lit up by the spirit of Christmas, Bon Iver surrounding us. This... I must say, was a very well spent Saturday.

And so I wasted gas, and so we wasted time away, but I was with the right people tonight. My family. And on a chill December night, everything is perfected.

On top of that, Ace went home tonight. A little late, like White Haired Lady Carol said, but she came home anyway.

Yes, Vegas is finally a happy thought.

Norma Andrade

"Mahirap talaga magmahal na tapat.."

And that was all she had to say to catch my interest. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother (dad's mom) has always been the epitome of a strong, independent woman. She IS tough love. She's hardworking and selfless, and I'm sure that's where my dad learned that to be. But for as long as I can also remember, I never bothered to learn the story of my grandmother.

Today, my grandmother, White Haired Lady, and I watched a Filipino chick flick. I referred to it as disturbingly cheesy. It was unsettling. But as we watched and went through the notions of the Ooh's, Ahh's, and Aww's, I began getting in touched with a part of myself that I've lost for a while now. I felt like the Filipino girl that I've always been, but always forget to be. It all began when the story unfolded the concept of the most forgiving extent of love. The husband in the movie continuously cheated on his wife, but being the loving wife that she was, she always found it in her heart to forgive him. She always found a grasp of her undying love to him, even as her kids resented him. And as it unfolded, my grandmother began making empathetic comments. And that of course, led to her bringing up her past husband. She kept saying, "Mahirap talaga magmahal na tapat." In translation, she said, "It's difficult truly loving someone." And she repeated it. I learned today that my grandfather had been unfaithful to my grandmother. I have always known about his family on the side, but I never questioned whether it was because of their divorce or if she was left. Her last name remained Andrade after all. I learned that she loved him dearly. I learned that even after he slept with another woman--a woman that worked for my grandmother might I add--impregnated her, left my grandmother, and started another family, in the end... my grandmother would've taken him back. And so after he passed, she decided to take back his coffin from his other family. Her children brought him home to her. And her love remained... It still remains to this day. She said to us, when you truly love someone to that extent, you carry it around with you forever. It doesn't go away and it won't go away. It's yours.

There I was, astonished by the things she said. There I was envious and awed by the strengths of this woman. She lived her life knowing..always knowing that no matter what, she'll always love him. She'll always forgive him. And she'll always have him, no matter what. She accepted this about herself and she lived with it. She didn't try and let it go, she didn't try to change it, or compromise the only love that she had. And that is one of the most extraordinary things I have ever known of in my life. If I ever had the strength to do what she's been doing... God, if only I do.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I crouch like a crow

I feel like I shouldn't listen to Bon Iver just because it's so damn good but so god damn sad. I can't explain this feeling. It's similar to the Sunday evening feeling. It's like listening to The Cure. Except...more subtle. It makes me feel younger.

Whenever I try to describe this feeling, or when I do feel this, I am always reminded by this memory from my childhood. We all went to the park for the day. All of us. My mom, my dad, I think my sister was already born, maybe not, my cousins, uncles, aunts, everyone. And I can't remember at all what we did that day, or anything at all. I just remember that I had a good day and I didn't want it to end. But the sun went down, and we all started getting quiet. I remember we went to this little plaza to find a place to eat. The squareness of the place was so distinct to me. The way I clung on to hands, the way I played around. I remember smiling. I remember running. I remember it was dark, and the light reflected a blue on everyone's faces. Everyone was so happy.. And I can't remember eating, or what happens after, but I do remember when it was time to go home. I remember being in the car, resting my head on the window, looking out and being attentive of Christmas lights and decorations passing and the song playing in the taxi. I don't remember the song, but I remember acknowledging the way it made me feel. It wasn't exactly a sad song, but I felt sad ...and happy...and complete... and lonely...and I felt this ache in my chest and felt a lump in my throat. And that was the first time I felt alive. I felt everything, EVERYTHING. My happiness was so overwhelming that I caught a taste of sadness. I was satisfied and disappointed, I felt everything I could've possibly felt and I sunk myself under it. I don't think I was even 6 years old when I felt this. Perhaps younger...

But now, every time... I recall to this memory. And I try to trace back and figure this out... make sense of it. I'm looking for a reason, a catalyst. But I can never remember that far behind. I just know that sometimes...I hate it. I hate not getting a grasp of it. I hate the swelling of my chest when I feel this. It's like I am choking on the entire universe and all it consists. But at the same time, I am completely in love with it. It is one of the most amazing things I have ever felt in my life, and I always wonder if other people feel this way too. If anyone else can understand this...

This is not the sound of a new man or a crispy realization
It's the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be
Safe with me
Re: Stacks by Bon Iver

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mes Copains


Ace and I came home to this

It was much more frightening in real life. It just looks silly now. We were trying to watch Band Slam, but the previous were astonishingly long. We enjoyed the movie though, and so did dad.


I forget how lovely black and white photos are. But aside from b and w's, I've been tinkering with my Nietzsche again, and I'm learn new and new things. I think the passed few days with my camera is what encouraged me to take the photo class. And now I am excited.

Meet sisbear.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Web Advisor

I am officially registered in 4 classes.

English 163, Math 151, Speech 101, and Digital Photo. I was going to take Yoga, but I dropped it because it was getting in the way of Photo. And I really want Photo. I am only partially satisfied. I need to take one more class. Maybe Sociology. Or Music for Appreciation. Or some History class. I don't know yet. I'll decide in the morning. For now, I feel just fine. My schedule is perfect. I'll probably be tired, but that's OK. I missed an entire semester of a full-time schedule, so I'll be fine this time. A thousand thanks to Raemon for helping me perfect my schedule. A THOUSAND.

OK, time to go think.

Nietzsche and For Emma, Forever Ago

Tonight (or this morning considering it's 2:14am), I fell in love with Nietzsche all over again. I've been neglecting it, lugging it around but leaving it in the car. Or staying on the automatic setting. But tonight, it compelled me again. Nietzsche is among my favorite and most meaningful possessions.

And by the way, this is the most amazing album of my life right now. This is music.



Each day, each day.

Whass good?

Just making CDs for the good people of America, neglecting essays. Yenno.

This is the best album of my life right now. And I needed to share it.

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)