Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful person in my life

Source: Nicole Jeffery

I present, my best friend of 8 years, Nicole Rose Jeffery. I watched her blossom from the adorable and endearing, navy Converse-wearing little Nikki to one impossibly beautiful person.

Girl Next Door

Elisha Cuthbert.
Recently watched this. And was surprisingly very fond of it. I watched it for Olivia Wilde, but I loved it because of Elisha. FOXXXXX!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010



I, as the writer, am responsible for everything I express on my blog.

But you, as the reader, are responsible for the way you feel towards what you read. You clicked the link, you typed in the URL.

If there's a lesson when it comes to blogs, this is one to learn. Trust me.

Blogs will be provocative. They are based on one's personal point of view, opinions, and perspective. That is unavoidable.

This is the needless-to-say agreement.

Another one of the most beautiful people I've ever laid eyes on

Source: Rosey PeloBello

I can't even begin to describe how attractive she is to me. It's like lust and envy all at the same time.

Disneyland /:



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Psychotic Ex-Girlfriends

There is a first for everything!

So give them blood! Blood! Gallons of the stuff
Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough
So give them blood! Blood! Blood!
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood!

And everything is going to the beat...

I stumbled upon my own promises. And for the first moment, I was reunited with the sweet taste of bliss. So I smiled to myself, and as I strolled down the aisle of my favorite store, I felt my eyes squint in satisfaction. The corners of my mouth pulled up right under my ears as I gathered the loose, colorful organs parading through the very narrow warmth of my system. There was a song on the loudspeaker playing appropriately quiet. And as he sang his upbeat and astonishingly potent pop song, I tried to pull away pieces of the universe from their places and shatter it all together with the acids of my stomach and let it fuel through my streams and jolt through my body.

Then, I stumbled upon relief, then denial, then relief. I climbed the levels of each universe like their wounds could dissipate to their fates and come back to me, clean of scars and sneers, to embed again in my memory the drive that pulled together the entirety of what I've familiarized to as my own universe. I felt each universe. Each setting, each smell, each atmosphere. And they were beating wild and fast--running, fleeting through my memories only to collect inside my cheeks, bubble up and burst, then down again to the acids of my stomach. They dissolve, like crystals of sugar serve their purpose. Then I stepped back, and held my breath.

Finally, I stumbled upon the arts of the way we are. The way we'll be. The very verb itself. To be. Being. I AM. I am... the promise of everything I will be. I am the soul to my body, and I am the memories I will keep. I am the words of my days and nights. The silence of the minutes in between all that is. And I am stumbling upon my own two feet. But my face will ever have to break my fall... the gravel, pebbles, and cracks on the asphalt will never be the end of me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What I did 10am this morning,

And I'd elaborate but ..............................WRITER'S BLOCK.

What happened at 3pm this afternoon.

I'd also elaborate but .............................. WRITER'S BLOCK.

Until next time..

Watch Me,

You'll see.

One of the most beautiful people I know

Source: Michellee Ho'omalu

But not only is she one of the most beautiful people I know, but amazing altogether. We haven't caught up with each other for such a long time, but to this day, when I feel the need to talk to someone about my problems, I always knew that she'd be the one that'll understand me (even if I never actually reach out to her anymore). We're just on different paths right now, but maybe we'll be reunited again some time! She really is the best. I've always looked up to her, and I always will. Now and then, I just stalk her on Facebook to see how she's been doing and tell her how I miss her. And I do miss her, very much! Our accumulated talks about our lives in high school made the biggest impacts on me.

Michy, you are amaaaaaaaazing (:


All day on this sunny day.


Source: Consuela!

Always Like


It's officially September 27th,

and do you now what that means? I know one of you know, but for anyone else that reads the shit on here..

I'd just like to announce that I am probably not going to see Passion Pit today. And by probably I mean I'm NOT. Why do I keep missing shows like this? Heart. isBroken.

Crying, sobbing as I watch this video. If sisterbear didn't have school the next day, the two of us would go. Just the two of us. We just love Passion Pit too much. But, going alone doesn't sound too appealing. I don't want to have an awful alone time at a Passion Pit show.

Well, brb guise, crying.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dick Neck

In this photo: The Dick Neck, Matthew Scorca, 1/2 of BDG's face, 1/2 of Kenneth Turner's face

I thought my blog just needed this.

Happy 18th to my new friend (':

Just a whole lotta ANGE goin' on!

Sof's backyard is beautiful

So thilly togedder

Sof x3!

Note to self;

Always drink water. Always drink lots of water. When you get a big head ache that you can't shake, or when you feel like a slug through out the day, or when the nights are too damn heated, REMEMBER; Always drink water. Sip sip, chug chug, gulp gulp.


Mysterious tear-eyed face

In this picture: Mikal's socks


"You shredded it!"

It changes with seasons

Friday, September 24, 2010


Obviously, I have been having some fun with my film photographs. I'm finally scanning them up! Using my SLR takes a certain amount of time. Actually developing them takes even longer. But scanning them takes the longest. Film is just so much work. But I do love it.

I have been all picture blogs lately. Enjoying? ENJOY!

The past few days have been good to me. And I cannot explain why. Good vibes, good feels lately.
  • Film photographs
  • Sleeping
  • Singing
  • Loud music, quiet music
  • The moon
  • Nietzsche, always Nietzsche
  • Challenges
  • Showers
  • I steam-mopped the bathroom today.

The Past

The Dean Dantes
The Adrian Del Fierro

The Pool

The Beautiful

The Mikal

The banana

The what.

The not Nietzsche

The Sniper.

The Sisters

The Bizarre

The Handsome

The Jarrad Dean Rigg

The Movie Star

The Jordan.

Ace's room

  • Blue paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Black noses
  • Lupe Fiasco
  • "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"
  • 'Sex & Drugs'
  • Jeremy's old workbooks
  • Fumes and a tiny fan

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)