Saturday, July 31, 2010

8. Top of the just on top of a hill.

Walking up the hill was more entertaining than...this....view thing.

Picture of the view. If I can afford helvetica, yenno I'd font this shit with your favorite song lyric.

Erweezy and CG love each other, but Erwin looks like a killer...or a woman beater

is always high, and is running like a retard.

Ace and I were just C-walking on top of this thing..

I just enjoyed red skies up here, that is absolutely it.

7. Maloney and standing on the rooftops,

PS. No idea how to spell Maloney and am too lazy to ask anyone.

We meant to climb the Glenmore roofs, but...I mean whatever.

I don't know if you can see, but Mikal here has vandalized school property with her Honda. She just got so angry at the bloody fence for it being there that she just FLOORED that badboy.

CG is amazing at focusing at the object in a photo. Amazing. Impeccable.

Climbin' up, Up Up and Away

The sky was red, but it's orange here.

Left over pizza from the tracks followed us up.


Now the tricky part...getting down from the roofs. Mikal here...she struggled for several days trying to get down.

I told her to trust me. But..she really, really didn't. She said it's because she doesn't trust people with criminal records, but I was like...Man hurt my feelings anyway.

And while Mikal took 20 years to get down, and while Jarrad and I tried to calm her down, Ace and CG pretended like we weren't there and had photoshoots..

That's really all they cared about.

Me hangin' to show Mikal that it won't be too bad getting down. Trust? No trust. Don't ever trust a felon I guess.

Deliberating her strategy to get down..

Continued their photoshoot like it was the last day of their lives...

Oh badass Jarrad

After she jumped, she began calming down and said, "I could really use a criminal hug right now." So I hugged her while Jarrad ruined the perfect picture. Mthrfckr.

We fckn hate Jarrad, as you can see.

6. Alta Park and the haunted pool

Because everyone refused to reenact the Titanic scene with her, she decided to be both Rose and Jack. This is her Rose pose

And her Jack pose..

Jarrad taught that chipmunk a lesson...

Oh hoh so did I..

5. Fountain place


The three sickest kids in the world, meditating. Meditating.

Photogenic Mthafckn Badass Jarrad

This might look bad...But she just wanted to throw me in the water

4. Bay Street Cafe

Guise, more derps. I am so very sorry...that your faces are sorry. KEKE. Just kidding, I've never been that mean on Blogger, Jesus Christ I'm sorry.

I don't remember why I took a picture of this lady....

This is how we decided our destinations. By ripping up pieces of paper and placing them like chess pieces.

ARCHIVE, FUCKERS (for Ace-like purposes)